Rusty Mangrum Nursery - Peach, Apple, Plum, and Pear trees. Wholesale Nursery, all trees sold 'Bare Root'. Rusty Mangrum Nursery - "A PEACH of a Nursery".

Rusty Mangrum Nursery McMinnville TN. Wholesale Nursery - Fruit Trees - Peach, Apple, Plum and Pear Trees. We also have shade and ornamental trees and seedlings.

Rusty Mangrum Nursery is a wholesale grower of “bareroot” trees and seedlings.
We started propagating a few hundred plants in a sandbed in 1987 and have grown to producing several hundred thousand plants and seedlings each year. Our plants are grown anywhere from one to three years. They are then [when dormant] taken up bareroot.

We begin digging fruit trees around Nov.15, followed by shade/ornamental trees, and when we are finished, we start taking up seedlings somewhere around Jan.15 each year.

Once our bareroot is up and in the packing barn, they are then graded and bundled up and ready for shipment.

Rusty Mangrum Nursery - Peach, Apple, Plum, and Pear trees. Wholesale Nursery, all trees sold 'Bare Root'. Rusty Mangrum Nursery - "A PEACH of a Nursery". This is a picture of just one of our many fields
At Rusty Mangrum Nursery, we take great care in giving our customers the highest quality plants available anywhere. Need a variety or type of plant we don't have listed? Give us a call/email/or fax and we will see what we can do. We do contract grow from time to time, so give us a try and see how we can serve you.


Q. How big is a 11/ 16 size plant?
A.  On average, a 11/16 size plant is 5-7 ft tall. A 9/16 size is 4-5 ft tall.
Q. Are your fruit trees “standard”, “dwarf”, or “semi dwarf”?
A. Most years our plum, peach, and & pears are on standard rootstock while our apples and cherries are on semi dwarf rootstock. We do grow a few dwarf fruit trees so it’s always best to call or email us on what you are looking for.
Q. Do you have guarantees on your plants?
A. Sorry, but no we do not. We are a wholesale grower and hence have wholesale prices. For instance, we charge $6 versus the $29 that a chain store would charge to carry a guarantee. We take extreme care to ship only the highest of quality of plants.
Q. When do you start taking orders?
A. We start taking orders late July to early August each year.
Q. How do I place an order?
A. Orders can be placed either by email or phone.
Q. Is every plant on your website available?
A. It’s always best to order early when most plants are available. Even if you do not want order shipped till spring, ordering early assures you will get exactly what you want.
Q. How much is shipping?
A. To ship plants in a 72 x 11 x 11 box, shipping usually runs $50 plus $12 for the box. Call us for a quote on shipping larger orders via motor freight.
Q. When do you start shipping?
A. We normally start digging and shipping in mid to late November and continue thru late March.
Q. Can you ship only 1 or 2 plants?
A. Yes, but the shipping would be more than the cost of the plants.
Q. Can I pick the plants up at your nursery?
A. Yes, we welcome you to pick them up, but ask that you let us know in advance so we can have your order ready. Our nursery address is; 1401 Brown Prater Rd. McMinnville TN 37110. There is no mailing address for our farm.
Q. How will the plants be boxed when they are shipped?
A. We line all our boxes with plastic and use either shredded paper or straw to hold moisture till they arrive.
Q. How many plants will fit in 1 box?
A. The larger 11/16 size will average 20. Also depends on the type of plants.
Q. Do you ship FedEx or UPS?
A.  We currently use FedEx.
Q. How do I pay for the plants?
A. We accept all the major credit cards. We also accept money orders and corporate or personal checks. Checks must clear the bank before we ship plants. If you pick up plants at our nursery we gladly also accept cash.
You can contact Rusty Mangrum Nursery at;
931-939-2572 or by email at;  

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